World-class moorings make world-wide news

A story about the new “world-class” moorings installed below Ladder Hill Fort has been picked up by the yachting press in several countries – including Australia.

They were commissioned after the loss of the vintage yacht Queequeg, which broke up on rocks after an earlier set of moorings failed.

Project manager Hedge Shuter skippered one of the first yachts to use the new facility when he and his island crew moored up aboard Patches at the end of the 2012 Governor’s Cup yacht race.

He praised contractors Graham Sim, Keith Yon and Craig Yon.

Graham said: “It wasn’t an easy mooring field to put in place. Although we did a lot of planning, we still had to change some things as we went along.”

Hedge said: “St Helena now has a yacht mooring field of world-class quality. Word will spread around the yachting community and it is hoped that this will lead to more and more visitors arriving by sea.”

Read the full press release here.

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GALLERY: The wreck of the Queequeg

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