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Why binmen risk a soaking at the police chief’s house…

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Police chief Peter Coll has been joining the battle against St Helena’s drought – by keeping water in his DUSTBIN.

People across the affected parts of the island were coming up with ingenious methods of cutting their usage, he said.

“At home we have a dustbin that is full of the water that comes out of the washing machine,” he revealed at Thursday’s briefing on the crisis.

“It’s amazing, this dustbin full of water. If you put that water into your toilet and flush it, it doesn’t do anything harmful to the system.

“It actually cleans the system as it goes down, so it’s only used washing water that goes in, but you have got flushing that isn’t taking any of the valuable water we have got.

“The feedback is that lots of people are doing lots of things like that already, so thank you to everyone who is doing that.

“Just little things in every household that happens like that could be the difference being switched off or not.”

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