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Water starts running uphill – on wheels

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Drivers have begun transporting water to dry parts of the island using bowsers – tanks on the back of trucks.

Operations to move water by road were due to begin in earnest from Friday (1 June 2013), police chief Peter Coll reported at Thursday’s briefing on the current drought in areas served by the Red Hill treatment works.

He said: “If we have to turn the water off next week, we have got to have a plan that is ready to roll and we have got that.

“We have identified bowsers, we have speed tested them – how much to fill, what’s the capability of getting them up and down Ladder Hill.”

“That’s very positive, that we can turn that round. And it’s significant amounts of water that we are now on the verge of transporting around, so tomorrow there will be bowsering going on.

“But that’s the plan if we have to turn off. Equally important is to not have to turn the water off in the first place.”

Although Half Tree Hollow is in the drought zone, Jamestown has a plentiful supply.

Airport contractor Basil Read has offered to loan one of its two giant bowsers, capable of carrying 20 cubic metres of water – but it is legally too heavy for the island’s twisting, narrow lanes.

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