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Water shortage continues despite Easter rain

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Periods of heavy rainfall have failed to end a severe water shortage on St Helena.

Red Hill reservoir remains only 42% full, leaving people in Half Tree Hollow and the west of the island asked to observe a voluntary hosepipe “ban”. It would normally be nearly full by April, according to Martin Squibbs, head of water at Connect St Helena Ltd.

He said: “Over the Easter weekend it rained quite heavily, but not for long enough.

“That’s not really helped fill our reservoir, although it’s helped to saturate the ground again, so the ground is damp. If we get more rainfall it will help us greatly.

“I just want to be cautious. I don’t want to run into any real problems with water.

“What I don’t want to do is affect agriculture, so we will try and support agricultural users.

“The weather has changed, but it is still broken up with periods of very hot weather and it’s drying out the rainfall, so we are not really filling up our reservoirs. At this time we would expect them to be nearly full.”

He said streams had also dried up in Sandy Bay. “We are having to move water around but we are talking about small quantities,” he said.

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