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Water restrictions lifted as rains fill reservoirs

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Weeks of anxiety about water shortages have come to an end after heavy rain on St Helena – at least for the time being.

In May and June 2013, residents of Half Tree Hollow and surrounding areas were said to be only days away from having their supply cut off.

Drastic measures were taken to transport water from other parts of the island to top up the supply to the Redhill treatment plant.

Throughout the crisis, repeated warnings were issued about the need to cut down on water consumption – with the traditional dry period expected in September or October.

St Helena Government issued the following statement on 23 August 2013:

“Connect Saint Helena is pleased to announce that the Island-wide water restrictions has been lifted.

“The rain earlier this week has had a significant effect on reservoir levels and by the end of next week it is estimated that all of the Redhill reservoir storage will be essentially full.

“Connect Saint Helena thanks consumers for exercising constraint over the last few difficult months.”

A notice remains in place, urging people in the Redhill area to boil water.

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