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Waste management – the answer for remote islands

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St Helena’s new scheme to manage its waste – including recycling – gets a mention in an article in Waste Management World.

It says small islands “simply could not support the development of this sort of facility without external funding from central government, or through grants.”

The journal cites the Isles of Scilly – one of the most beautiful island archipelagos in Europe – which had help to replace an ageing incinerator with a modern facility to turn waste into energy.

The Scilly scheme also involved dealing with environmental damage to a site that had been impacted by waste management over the last 50 years.

“A parallel situation also arises for St Helena in the South Atlantic – one of the most remote islands in the world,” writes Andrew Street.

“St Helena, a British Overseas Territory, has an indigenous population of around 6600 (sic), and currently a relatively small number of tourists. That is due to change in the coming years with the development of a €240 million airport, which will make the island far more accessible.

“Major improvements to the island’s waste collection, treatment and disposal system are currently underway, but largely reliant on funding provided by the UK government.”

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Contributed by Guy Gatien

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