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Wandering dogs prompt ‘zero tolerance’ warning

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Police report continuing problems with dogs being allowed to wander loose on St Helena.

Officers had to round up animals roaming in the airport development area at Longwood on 16 October 2012, and complaints have been made on other occasions.

Jeromy Cairns-Wicks, the community beat sergeant, has issued two releases this month warning of costly action against dog owners.

In the first, he said: “Stray dogs are again an increasing problem.

“Over the last few months, St. Paul’s and Half Tree Hollow areas have seen a positive improvement, with a number of dog owners being dealt with for allowing their dogs to wonder uncontrolled. We are now receiving complaints from residents in Bottom Wood and Longwood.

“The action the police will take with regard to straying dogs is a zero tolerance policy. In other words, if a dog is caught straying on public or private land it can be impounded.

“If the owner is identified and there is sufficient evidence for the offence, the owner will be prosecuted in court.”

In the latest release, he said the owners would have to pay for the cost of kenneling.

On 10 October, police also dealt with the owner of goats that had been found trespassing on private property in the Longwood area.

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