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Vote on future of schools is treated with caution

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The idea of a single new primary school for the whole of St Helena has won support from two-fifths of Saints who responded to a consultation.

But slightly over half preferred to see bad conditions put right at the existing three schools.

Education chairman Rodney Buckley said the 90 responses should be treated with caution, because some appeared to be motivated by personal concerns.

In a radio interview, he said: “There is a bit of a maintaining the status quo – ‘keep the schools in my district.’

“We need to be careful the information we are getting back is not strictly focused on individual people and children. We need to make a plan that is going to suit the island as a whole.”

The parent teachers’ association has asked for more detail.

Statistics are to be prepared on expected population growth, to help in drawing up a ten-year plan for education.

The consultation results showed 51 percent supported refurbishing Harford, Pilling and St Paul’s schools; 43 percent preferred a single new school; six percent favoured having two schools.

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