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Tourism chief Cathy swaps sharks for dolphins

Cathy Alberts

St Helena’s new tourism director has a track record that includes coping with World Cup soccer fans and swimming with sharks.

Cathy Alberts joined Enterprise St Helena on 1 November 2012, but will not travel to the island until the end of the year.

She will be having a number of meetings in Cape Town, France and the UK before she arrives in Jamestown. They include handovers with outgoing tourism chief Mike Dean.

Cathy previously worked for Cape Town Tourism, where she dealt with airlines and long-haul operators in the UK and Europe, said a statement from Enterprise St Helena.

“She has experience in developing destinations and tourism products and experiences,” it said, “as well as improving standards and those involved in the tourism sector.

“Cathy is experienced in the physical and mindset transformations required in developing tourism destinations, products and standards.

“Most recently, her role has encompassed the development of tours and experiences for visitors, from mountain bike trails to swimming with sharks.”

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