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Toon Army sends invasion force to St Helena

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Manchester United fans on St Helena should prepare for the arrival of a new adversary in the island sport of shouting at the television on soccer match days.

A tweet on the internet messaging site Twitter warns that a new branch of the Newcastle United supporters’ club is about to be formed on the island.

The alert comes from Paul McGinnety, who has been appointed as St Helena Government’s social policy adviser.

The official press release is full of government-speak about developing and implementing a national social policy blah. It doesn’t say anything about Paul’s views on football.

He is a paid-up magpie, as Newcastle United fans are known – a reference to his team’s black-and-white striped shirts.

Fans are also known as the Toon Army (in the North East of England, “town” is pronounced “toon” – so don’t be confused by references to “Jamestoon”).

In one Twitter posting, he says: “In Jan we will be the St Helena branch of the NUFC supporters.”

His government role includes strengthening community life, but this may be tricky with rival fans – notably Nick Stevens, whose passion for Manchester United has led to him becoming a pundit on the BBC World Service.

As Paul put it in another tweet in December: “I don’t know which club is more odious Man U, city or Chelsea. Awful, no wonder everyone loves seeing them get beat in Europe”.

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LINK: Paul McGinnety on Twitter

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