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Thanks half a million: we hit the hits before the bongs

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cropped-turks-poster-edges-1000.jpgHow exciting. This website has been edging towards half a million “hits” – meaning the number of clicks on different pages – as 2013 has approached its end. At 9pm on 30 December 2013, UK/island time, the counter stood at 498,998 hits. So the question was: would the half-million mark be passed by the time the bells ring in the New Year? And yes… a surge of clicks meant the landmark was passed at around 1pm on 31 December.

Thank you for reading the site throughout 2013, and have a great New Year!

(The picture above, by the way, is the one that sat at the top of the site when it first launched under the title, The Island That Was Eaten By Goats)

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