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Tim’s St Helena adventure puts the accent on experiences

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When people travel out to St Helena to take up the ex-pat life, they often find themselves doing things they hadn’t expected.

For Andy Crowe, it was leading a double life as housing executive and part-time stand-in for Napoleon.

The owner of this website made the mistake of walking through the door of Palm Villa on rehearsal night, and found himself in a trio performing Three Little Girls From School Are We.

Now Tim Troman has described similarly transformative experiences, in a jaunty article in his former local paper, the Derby Telegraph.

He gave up his UK life as a company director in rural Derbyshire to travel to St Helena with daughter Lucy and wife Sarah, who is the government’s first-ever capital programme manager.

Lucy, incidentally, climbed all 699 steps of Jacob’s Ladder in September – aged three. Each step was about as high as her legs were long.

For Tim, learning to become “Mum” and cope with shopping, St Helena style, was challenging but rewarding.

“To get up in the morning and choose bananas from the tree in our garden for Lucy to take to school still makes me smile,” he writes.

He’s also become a helper in school, a volunteer with the environment department, and over Christmas 2013, a presenter on Saint FM Community Radio.

“That’s the beauty of this island,” he says. “There is no way I would have got that opportunity in the UK.”

He’s also enjoyed Christmas on an island where celebrations are “definitely not understated”. The Festival of Lights parade through Jamestown was a highlight, he says.

“There was even an appearance from a jolly man in a red suit – and for the first time ever, he had a Derbyshire accent.”

Read Tim’s full article here, or visit his online journal, here

Sarah’s tough job is no walk in The Peaks
Andy Crowe’s Napoleonic War-drobe

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