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The Castle confronts homelessness and over-crowding

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A new policy to help homeless people is being drawn up by St Helena Government.

It will also confront the issue of over-crowding – “where this exists.”

SHG disclosed work on the policy after confirming that eight families on the island were known to be at risk of losing their homes in the next months.

It will follow the definitions of homelessness set out by the UK housing charity Shelter – which includes people who are are under threat of having nowhere to live.

“It will essentially support those who are, or are about to become, unintentionally homeless,” says SHG in response to questions from St Helena Online.

Part of the government’s strategy is to make more low-cost accommodation available, possibly by taking advantage of equipment used to manufacture temporary housing for airport construction workers on Prosperous Bay Plain.

“We are reviewing both the re-use of already-prefabricated units, as well as the prefabrication of further homes using this technology.

“This has been a learning opportunity for all those involved. This is only one of the avenues that we are currently examining for the provision of additional housing. No firm decisions have yet been taken.

“More generally, we are currently taking forward work on empty homes, of which there remain a lot on St Helena, and affordability. We hope to be able to report more soon.”

The proposed homessness policy is due to be presented to the health and social welfare committee in December.

Paul’s plea for a home reveals eight families at risk

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