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Territories vote early on who gets a ticket to Longwood

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It’s long been a gripe (for some) that people in British overseas territories don’t have a vote in UK parliamentary elections, while their counterparts in French overseas territories do vote in theirs.

In fact, the citizens of St Pierre et Miquelon and the other French territories get to cast their vote a day earlier than people in the mother country. For them, the polls opened today – 21 April, 2012.

It’s to do with being in different time zones.

The outcome of the French election may not normally be of great interest to many people on St Helena (with one obvious exception), but this time there is a point of small significance.

Island councillors have agreed to invite Her Majesty the Queen and the president of France to St Helena to mark the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s arrival on the island.

The election in France will decide whether it’s Nicolas Sarkozy or the Socialist challenger, Francois Hollande, who gets the guided tour of Longwood House.


The idea of the British OTs having representation in the Commons isn’t popular in the Caribbean British OTs.  Many West Indians suspect it would be the first step in the UK imposing taxes on them. And who would this Commons representative be?  I don’t want some corrupt TCIslander or Bermudian representing St Helena. What do they know about Saints and how would that be an improvement over MP Andrew Rosindell and them? We already have all the corruption we need.

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