Basil Read offers water truck – but it’s too big for roads

A giant water carrier from St Helena’s airport site has been put on standby to help if the island’s domestic supply has to be switched off, as drought continues. But the vehicle is legally too big for the narrow and winding roads. Construction firm Basil Read has offered the loan one of its two bowsers, […]

Water the lawn, and you’ll get grassed up

Police are investigating reports that people on St Helena have been wasting water – with the island only six days away from its supplies drying up in the most populated area. A ban on using hoses and sprinklers has been imposed across the island, even though only parts of it are short of water. Chief […]

Stop taking baths, says Castle, as water shortage goes on

Warnings of prosecutions for wasting water have been issued by St Helena Government as a severe drought continues in the most populated parts of the island.   Privately, government sources say some islanders do not appear to understand how serious the situation has become – or that individuals can make a difference by saving even […]

Homes face cut-off as water boss warns: ‘We need rain NOW’

The water shortage on parts of St Helena is now so grave that the supply to many homes may simply be cut off. People in Half Tree Hollow and nearby areas have been warned: “This is serious. We need some substantial rainfall now.”  Engineer Martin Squibbs told Saint FM listeners: “We will just run out of water […]

New homes add to pollution, says water chief

House-building on high ground in St Helena has contributed to a bad smell in Jamestown, the island’s director of water has reported. Martin Squibbs was responding to complaints about the condition of water in The Run, the historic water course that runs through Jamestown from Newbridge. He said: “The water is greenish, which means there is […]

Water shortage continues despite Easter rain

Periods of heavy rainfall have failed to end a severe water shortage on St Helena. Red Hill reservoir remains only 42% full, leaving people in Half Tree Hollow and the west of the island asked to observe a voluntary hosepipe “ban”. It would normally be nearly full by April, according to Martin Squibbs, head of water […]

Hosepipes banned as island dries out in the sun

A hosepipe ban has been imposed for parts of St Helena because water supplies have dwindled in a long spell of dry weather. The ban affects people whose water comes from the Red Hill treatment works, and those in Sandy Bay who are supplied from Wranghams and Perkins Gut. People who receive an irrigation supply from Harpers […]

Safe to drink again: Rupert’s water is clear of e-coli bug

People in Rupert’s Valley on St Helena no longer need to boil water for drinking and cooking, says the island’s health directorate. A warning was issued on 6 September saying low levels of the the potentially harmful e-coli bacteria had been found in the valley’s water supply. Further tests show it is now free from […]

Prison plans in hand as Castle sets out vital projects

Basic designs are being drawn up for moving St Helena’s “unfit” prison out of Jamestown. Planning advice is being sought, according to a spokesman for St Helena Government (SHG). First, a new unit for young people with challenging behaviour must be built at Half Tree Hollow to make way for the prison to move into […]

Water hunters drill deep into island

Building St Helena’s first airport is evidently thirsty work. Quite apart from what the workers might drink, there’s the small matter of three MILLION litres of water that the airport itself is expected to consume during construction. Crews are drilling boreholes to supply the airport and also the island’s own future need for fresh water. […]