Help on the way as drought teams carry water up the hill

Pumps and piping have been ordered from Cape Town to help St Helena get through a possible three months of drought. Rainfall over the first three days of June had helped to lift that amount of water available for the most populated parts of the island from six to eight days’ remaining supply. But that […]

Import tax on water is lifted as ship tops up emergency supply

Customs duty has been lifted on imports of bottled water and water containers into St Helena as the island authorities battle the effects of the 2013 drought. Traders are being told they must not pocket any of the money saved on buying in water. Four pallets of bottled water have been donated to the emergency […]

St Helena water crisis – full coverage

The threat of the water supply being shut down on parts of St Helena remains despite days of rainfall, officials reported on Wednesday 5 June 2013. The following areas are at risk: Half Tree Hollow, Cowpath, Ladder Hill, Red Hill, Sapper Way, New Ground, Clay Gut, Pounceys, Kunjie Field, Scotland, Plantation, Cleughs Plain, Rosemary Plain, […]

As reservoirs dry up, island plans to import water

The shortage of water on parts of St Helena has become so desperate that moves have been made to import it from South Africa. Retailers have been asked to quote to bring in 6,000 five-litre bottles of water, to be¬†shipped on the next boat from Cape Town. It is not known whether they would be […]

‘Little rain for three months’: grim outlook as crisis deepens

St Helena could have to wait three months for the rain that it needs to end its severe water shortage. This week the most populated parts of the island, around Half Tree Hollow, had only six days’ supply left. Modest rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday nights meant the island would get through the weekend without […]

Islanders help in quest for water – but some is beyond reach

Saints have been joining the hunt for untapped water sources to try to beat drought conditions in parts of the island – by drawing on close personal knowledge of the land. Others have come up with ways to help save water, as people on parts of the island faced the prospects of having taps run […]

Failings alleged: drought chiefs promise to do better next time

The men overseeing St Helena’s fight to secure water supplies have pledged not to let the island be caught unready for such a crisis in the future. Chief of Police Peter Coll also said it had implications for the future of tourism on the island. Water engineer Martin Squibbs said he was “not interested” in […]

Drought highlights risks of untreated water in island homes

Water supplied to one in ten homes on St Helena will be unfit for consumption at times, the man in charge of the supply has warned. But water engineer Martin Squibbs said he had not meant to spread fear when he said people drank untreated water “at their peril”. The drought on parts of St […]

Water starts running uphill – on wheels

Drivers have begun transporting water to dry parts of the island using bowsers – tanks on the back of trucks. Operations to move water by road were due to begin in earnest from Friday (1 June 2013), police chief Peter Coll reported at Thursday’s briefing on the current drought in areas served by the Red […]

Why binmen risk a soaking at the police chief’s house…

Police chief Peter Coll has been joining the battle against St Helena’s drought – by keeping water in his DUSTBIN. People across the affected parts of the island were coming up with ingenious methods of cutting their usage, he said. “At home we have a dustbin that is full of the water that comes out […]