Water restrictions lifted as rains fill reservoirs

Weeks of anxiety about water shortages have come to an end after heavy rain on St Helena – at least for the time being. In May and June 2013, residents of Half Tree Hollow and surrounding areas were said to be only days away from having their supply cut off. Drastic measures were taken to […]

Water crisis worsens as consumption goes up

The water shortage on St Helena has grown more serious – and it appears some householders are losing the resolve to use less of it. Reservoir levels have begun to go down in the worst affected area, above Half Tree Hollow, after a major operation to transport water from other parts of the island. That […]

Drought ‘remains critical’ – with little rain expected

St Helena’s drought shows no sign of easing, with the reservoirs serving the most populated island filling too slowly for restrictions to be lifted. It follows months of hot weather and little rain. One senior source told St Helena Online: “The sun has emerged again and the forecast is 0% chance of precipitation for the […]

Graham returns to help sort water supply problems

Water consultant Graham Doig will return to St Helena in early July 2013 – but his main job will not involve tackling the island’s severe shortage of supplies. St Helena Government has revealed details of his visit in response to a report that the island does have enough water, despite the current drought – but […]

Expert says St Helena has ‘enough water’ – in the wrong place

Drought-stricken St Helena is not short of water, the island government’s consultant has insisted – despite homes on the island being close to losing their supply. UK expert Ed Connon said: “There is enough water on the island – but it’s not necessarily in the right places.” A major operation to move water to the […]

Handouts keep cattle alive as drought dries up grazing

Distressed cattle have used up all their spare body fat as the drought on St Helena has left them without adequate grazing. Island vet Joe Hollins has been handing out feed and salt-licks to help the island’s largest livestock herds survive. He said: “Most of the cattle have depleted their body fat, and in the […]

Pictures that reveal the scale of St Helena water crisis

It’s one way to cure a leaking reservoir: simply run out of water.  Three pictures taken by Martin Squibbs bring home the scale of St Helena’s drought crisis the way no words could.  One shows Harper’s One reservoir, high in the hills above Jamestown – empty but for a thin layer of reddish sludge. It’s […]

Water shut-down threat remains despite days of rain

by St Helena Government writer Rain showers over the past two days have not lessened the possibility of a partial domestic water shutdown on St Helena, as stored water levels remain exceptionally low. Water consumption from the Redhill treatment plant increased yesterday to 350 cubic metres, up roughly by 100 cubic metres compared to the […]

Island ‘could have reacted sooner’ to severe water shortage

People on St Helena could have woken up much sooner to the impending threat of losing their water supply, according to engineer Martin Squibbs. He told island broadcasters that the reality did not strike home until daily briefings on the crisis began – with parts of the island down to only six days’ supply. In […]

Island can never fully protect against drought, says Martin

The cost of protecting St Helena from future droughts may be unaffordable, water engineer Martin Squibbs has warned. He said: “Some things are just not manageable. We are dependent on things we can’t really foresee, let along make provision for. “We just don’t have the money, and DfID [the Department for International Development] are unlikely […]