Tristan housing: never let flax get in the way of a story

Life on Tristan must be even more cosy than it previously appeared to the outside world, if Business Today magazine is to be believed. “The community is no more than 11 flax-thatched cottages,” it says. With 262 residents, that works out at about 24 people per cottage. The revelation appears in a sidebar headlined Silent […]

Island vicar wanted: may suit hard-of-hearing

Clergy who want to hear God’s voice more clearly should consider moving to Tristan da Cunha, according to islander Lorna Lavarello-Smith. Lorna is leading the search for a new vicar for the world’s most remote inhabited island, which has been without an Anglican minister for nearly three years – the longest gap since 1922. “If you […]

Isle of Man work placement for remote island residents

Two residents from one of the most remote group of islands in the world have begun a four-month work placement in the Isle of Man. Martin and Iris Green have travelled from the volcanic island of Tristan Da Cunha in the south Atlantic ocean. Each will be given experience of various areas of Manx life […]

Tristan da Cunha, as seen from space

This view of Tristan da Cunha has been chosen as the Image of the Day feature on the website of NASA, the American space agency. It was taken by the crew of the International Space Station.  It shows that while volcanic eruptions are known to have occurred from the central crater, lavas have also erupted from vents along the […]

Shipwreck lifeboat drifts from Tristan da Cunha to Australia

A battered lifeboat has washed up on a beach in South Australia, nearly two years after drifting away from the wreck of the MS Oliva near Tristan da Cunha. It floated about 5,000 miles from Nightingale Island, where the ship ran aground after duty officers mistook the island’s radar shadow for a heavy rain cloud, and […]

Tristan da Cunha disaster recalled as Queen honours captain

The master of Tristan da Cunha’s fisheries vessel has told how he was caught up in the MS Oliva shipwreck disaster – after his efforts was recognised by the Queen. Captain Clarence October could see the cargo ship’s lights when it ran aground on Nightingale island on 16 March 2011. He and his crew aboard the MV Edinburgh were instrumental in […]

A great year and an exciting future – by Governor Capes

St Helena Online is happy to publish this Christmas message from His Excellency Mark Capes, Governor of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ and as another year draws to an end, many people will pause to reflect on the events of the past year. I […]

Revealed: blunders that caused Tristan da Cunha wreck disaster

Last year’s shipwreck disaster on Tristan da Cunha was caused by a drowsy officer who thought Nightingale Island was a rain cloud, an investigation has revealed. The chief mate of the MS Oliva failed to change course when Tristan’s sister island showed up on radar, and the ship ploughed on to rocks. People on Tristan spent weeks trying to save […]

Tristanians build an old-style cottage – with a flax roof

Pensioners on Tristan da Cunha have completed a project to build a stone cottage in the style that was used in the earliest days of the island’s settlement. Earlier this month, 40 men gathered to give the cottage a roof of thatched flax – the same kind that grows over much of St Helena. The project […]

Tristan da Cunha: islanders get their jubilee medals

Jubilee medals have belatedly been presented to people on Tristan da Cunha, after a beach tragedy led islanders to delay or cancel commemorations of the Queen’s 60 years on the British throne. Medals have been awarded to 31 Tristanians, mostly for sea and mountain rescue service. Golden jubilee medals were also presented – ten years […]