How Halley mapped the sky from St Helena

The astronomer Edmond Halley – famous for Halley’s Comet – spent a year on St Helena, creating the world’s first map of the stars over the Southern Hemisphere. JOHN GRIMSHAW tells the story.   While still a student at Oxford University, Edmund Halley began to observe the heavens with the Astronomer Royal at Greenwich, John […]

No flights from London? Woah, I’m going to Barbados…

St Helena will lose out to luxury destinations such as The Maldives and Barbados if it does not have direct flights from Europe, one of the men behind a potential airline for the island has warned. The team setting up Atlantic Star Airlines wants to fly from London to St Helena and on to Cape […]

Airline dream that began with a map on the kitchen floor

Three pilots are setting up an airline to bid for the contract to fly to St Helena when its first airport opens in 2016. St Helena Online went to meet the man who dreamed up the project.  Captain Richard Brown first heard about St Helena as a child, when he saw an item on the […]

Slavery tourists to voyage into island’s dark past

Slavery is to become the theme of a educational cruise on the RMS St Helena, island tourism chief Cathy Alberts has revealed. It will tie in with the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery in December. It will also draw on the excavation of the remains of 400 Africans from captured slave-running ships that were […]

Well Andy, if the housing job doesn’t work out…

When he’s at work, Andy Crowe is a housing executive with a strong social conscience – but on his days off, he is The Scourge of all Europe. No one told him that going into exile on St Helena would see him leading a double life as a deposed emperor. It began when he was […]

Skilled boatmen must not miss tourism boat, warns Hedge

Highly skilled boatmen on St Helena will miss out on a future tourism boom unless the island’s maritime rules are brought up to date, yachting expert Chris “Hedge” Shuter has warned.  He has been commissioned to help solve the problems of the island’s “unworkable” sea laws – and make sure local boatmen can get the […]

Thirty thousand tourists? Don’t count on it, says Bernice

The councillor in charge of tourism on St Helena has voiced doubts about whether the island’s hopes for the industry will be realised. Bernice Olsson also admitted that she did not vote in favour of the airport that is being relied on to give the island a meaningful economy. But she said she now realised […]

Stop grumbling and embrace the future, say Merrill and Kirsty

Gloomy attitudes to tourist growth on St Helena have been criticised by development staff Kirsty Yon and Merrill Joshua, after a visit to South Africa. The Enterprise St Helena pair express their frustration in a report on a trip as guests of the Mantis Collection, the group planning to turn Ladder Hill Fort into a […]

Jamestown plan looks like a cut-down Cape Town, writer warns

Further criticism has been aimed at the proposals to turn Jamestown into a tourist centre – this time by historian John Tyrrell, after a return visit to St Helena. His internet journal describes the “rather bad tempered” public meeting held on the Jamestown 20-20 Vision document in mid-March 2013. He writes: “The author, off the […]

Simplicity makes Ladder Hill life so beautiful, writes Doreen

People living in Ladder Hill Fort have been warned they may have to move out in two years, to make way for a hotel. Writer DOREEN GATIEN, now living in California, cherishes her memories of a barracks childhood. Click here to see a gallery The headlines coming out of my beautiful island are not very […]