Ascension voyages saved in new RMS schedule

A feared cut to the number of RMS St Helena voyages to Ascension island appears to have been averted. Julian Morris, head of economic development, revealed details of the ship’s proposed schedule at a meeting with the St Helena tourism association. He said: “The number of Ascension calls unchanged.” The concern arose because of a drop in the […]

Adapt or fail, says economy boss who finds business ‘too hard’

The man in charge of transforming St Helena’s economy has praised people in business on the island – because couldn’t do it himself. It’s too tough. Julian Morris said running a tourism business was the hardest of all. But the chief executive for economic development also said it was about to get tougher still for […]

Poor hygeine and a grumpy waitress: why tourism must improve

The food was good and the service was excellent, for at least one person who responded to a survey of eating out on St Helena. But others felt they did not get their just desserts. The insight was presented by Julian Morris, the guest speaker at the annual meeting of the island’s Tourism Association. “When […]

Ascension sailings in doubt as St Helena fights for flights

Looking from the bridge of the RMS towards the crane and bows, with Ascension in the distance

A big drop in tourist numbers on St Helena has been blamed partly on last year’s sudden cut in spaces on RAF flights. Efforts are being made to restore the island’s allocation of seats on the “airbridge” between Ascension and RAF Brize Norton in the UK. In the meantime, there’s uncertainty over the future frequency […]