Thanks half a million: we hit the hits before the bongs

How exciting. This website has been edging towards half a million “hits” – meaning the number of clicks on different pages – as 2013 has approached its end. At 9pm on 30 December 2013, UK/island time, the counter stood at 498,998 hits. So the question was: would the half-million mark be passed by the time […]

Media website profiles St Helena Online

Simon Pipe writes: A profile of St Helena Online has been published on the Online Journalism Blog, which monitors new developments in the world of internet media – including “hyperlocal” news websites. It acknowledges the many people who’ve helped create this site. I’m quoted as follows: “Mainly, though, I’m proud of the fantastic range of stories on the […]

Please sponsor my left knee, so I can tell better stories

By Simon Pipe, editor Ninety thousand hits in nine months isn’t bad going, but if St Helena Online is to be even more interesting, it needs a little money. It’s only right that this should involve me in pain, exhaustion and darkness. And that was just on the training walks. This weekend, I hope to […]

Okay, Napoleon: where do we go from here?

Dear readers   Running this website has been a great experience. St Helena produces such fascinating stories. And it turns out to be pioneering – various experts say they know of nothing else like it in the world. But now it needs your help, please. I ran St Helena as the final project for a masters degree […]

Human rights project goes live on Facebook

A new Facebook page has been launched as part of the effort to increase awareness of human rights on St Helena. Click here if you’d like to like it. And while you’re at it, please like the new St Helena Online page on Facebook, so you can find out what’s going on with the website.

Virus hits St Helena Online

Efforts to publish stories on this website in recent days have been frustrated by a computer virus, contracted during a week of working away from home and using a public internet connection. – Simon Pipe, editor

St Helena Online is six months old. Happy reading

Ann's Place, sketch

by Simon Pipe, editor St Helena Online is six months old today – 20 July 2012. Although a couple of features were posted on the site at the back end of 2011, it was not until January that it became properly active. One day, a yachtie’s drawing of Ann’s Place in Jamestown popped up on […]

St Helena Online is almost back to normal

St Helena continues to generate far more stories than one journalist (in the UK) can keep up with. The quota of news per head of population must be among the highest in the world. It doesn’t help that a technical problem has blighted this news website, and personal life has got in the way as […]

Farewell to the Goats; welcome to St Helena Online

This website has changed its name. It was called The Island That Was Eaten By Goats because it was originally conceived as a blog, not a news site, and blogs are meant to have unconventional names. St Helena’s greenery was ravaged by goats over several centuries, so it seemed pertinent. The address is thegatesofchaos still, because […]