I’m stepping down from politics, says Rodney the reformer

One of St Helena’s leading politicians has announced that he will not fight to keep his seat as a councillor in the next election, due to take place before the end of July 2013.  Rodney Buckley suffered a disappointment when he failed to persuade people to vote in favour of having a chief councillor – […]

Jetty delayed by four years to pay for Rupert’s Bay dock

Jamestown’s planned breakwater and landing stage have been put on hold for at least four years – but it means a permanent cargo dock can be built in Rupert’s Bay. Executive councillors made the decision after being told they risked losing funding from Britain and Europe for the Rupert’s project and seafront improvements in Jamestown. Funds […]

It’s time to write to MPs about St Helena, says island-watcher

The low turn-out in St Helena’s October 2012 by-election has prompted speculation about the cause of voter apathy. Here, one of St Helena Online’s readers, ROBERT THOMSON, offers a view from another island.   It is always very disappointing when an electorate does not engage with the election process. Many people literally laid down their lives to […]

Stedson takes Tara’s place at the round table

Stedson Francis of Blue Hill has resumed his place at the round table in the council chamber in Jamestown, after being elected to replace Tara Thomas as a member of St Helena’s executive council. Tara resigned as a councillor on 31 August to prepare for masters degree studies in London.

Transparency at The Castle becomes a human rights issue

The battle against secrecy within St Helena Government has been taken up by the island’s human rights co-ordinator. And emails have been sent to all of the island’s councillors asking whether they support transparency in the way they carry out their duties on behalf of the public.    The St Helena Freedom of Information Campaign has cast […]

Top marks for The Castle on efficiency tips

Good progress has been made in improving value for money by government departments on St Helena, according to a progress report from the island’s audit service. Between 2008 and 2011 it made 78 recommendations on more efficient ways of working. Of these, 55 have been put into effect, 12 are being worked on, and five are […]

Dax is praised for holding the fort at The Castle

Dax Richards has been thanked for stepping into the role of St Helena’s Financial Secretary after the sudden departure of Paul Blessington. Paul had to leave the island aboard the airport supply ship, the NP Glory 4, after being advised to seek urgent medical advice in mid-July 2012. The RMS St Helena was in dry […]

‘Unsafe’ customs building should not be in use, says report

St Helena’s new customs building is not safe and should not be in use, a report has warned. Staff have also struggled in unacceptable working conditions, says the report by St Helena Audit Service, and design failures cause risks of injury and even potential security breaches. It adds: “Questions need to be asked across St […]

Campaigning MP investigates open government on St Helena

The British politician who led scrutiny of alleged corrupt journalism in London has turned his attention to St Helena. Tom Watson was contacted by the St Helena Freedom of Information Campaign because of complaints about the openness of government on the island. Meetings of the executive council are frequently held behind closed doors, and agendas, reports and […]

Tara stands down from council to study in UK

Tara at a function in Whitehall, London, in 2010

Tara Thomas is to resign as a councillor on St Helena in order to study for a masters degree in London. She has been awarded a Chevening Scholarship – usually given to “students with demonstrable potential to become future leaders.” Tara, who was still in her early 20s when she became a councillor, is chair […]