Rough seas force airport ship to sit at anchor

Words and pictures by Bruce Salt St Helena’s airport supply ship, the NP Glory 4, has had to retreat from her mooring in Ruperts Bay after sea conditions deteriorated on Friday 1 March 2013. Today (Monday), the ship remained at anchor as the rough sea continued. Even though the 78-metre-long vessel was moored to the shore in Ruperts […]

Ship subsidy set to shrink as UK questions value for money

A subsidy of just under £5 million for the RMS St Helena is to be put forward for UK approval as the ship nears the end of its service to the island. The “slight” cut reflects concern that the ageing vessel has swallowed up too much aid money in recent years. Funding is also proposed to bring […]

Revealed: blunders that caused Tristan da Cunha wreck disaster

Last year’s shipwreck disaster on Tristan da Cunha was caused by a drowsy officer who thought Nightingale Island was a rain cloud, an investigation has revealed. The chief mate of the MS Oliva failed to change course when Tristan’s sister island showed up on radar, and the ship ploughed on to rocks. People on Tristan spent weeks trying to save […]

RMS St Helena to be repaired at sea as engineer flies in

An engineer is being flown to the South Atlantic to conduct repairs at sea on St Helena’s supply ship. The RMS St Helena has suffered a technical problem with the turbo-charger on its portside engine, meaning that the ship can currently travel on only one of its two engines. Spare parts are being flown out with […]

Falklands braced for oil boom with deep-water port plan

A new deep-water port facility is planned for the Falkland Islands, reports the Mercopress news website. It says the new landing facilities will be at Port William, to avoid the environmental impact of expanding the floating dock at Stanley. The plans assume oil and gas production will have taken off within five or six years, requiring hundreds of […]

Ban on Falklands ships ‘aimed at blocking supplies’

Lawmakers in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province have brought in a ban on ships using its ports if they have been involved in business activities off the disputed Falkland Islands. Reuters news agency says it is part of Argentina’s drive to discourage oil exploration in the area. It says the law “is aimed at keeping ships from obtaining […]

In pictures: RMS St Helena refit, week two

Funnel deck with new gym, looking a bit like a garden shed just in front of the funnel

Click the pics for images from week two of the RMS St Helena dry docking. SEE ALSO: In pictures: RMS St Helena in dry dock Life’s a blast for RMS St Helena refit team

Life’s a blast for RMS St Helena refit team

Heavy weather that has delayed the Basil Read airport supply ship on its return to Walvis Bay has also held up the RMS St Helena’s refit in Cape Town. CAPTAIN ANDREW GREENTREE reports. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. It has been a busy week. We have had rain most of the time […]

Basil Read ship: the pictures that made Johnny homesick

Picture taken from high ground, showing ship from above, with bow and stern ropes splayed out in all directions.

This photograph of the NP Glory 4 – the first ship ever to dock at St Helena – was taken from the side of the new airport haul road on the Pipe Ridge. It appears on the St Helena Community website, here, along with several other photographs. UK-based webmaster Johnny Clingham said: “I feel homesick […]

AUDIO: DfID Secretary on island’s “brilliant opportunity”

St Helenians and island watchers discussed the future of St Helena with the Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell, in a rare public meeting on 19 May 2012. Afterwards, St Helena Online was granted an interview with Mr Mitchell on behalf of island media. Click on the links to hear what he had to […]