Castle dodges the facts on media name blunder

The conduct of St Helena Government has been called into question after the island’s state-funded media organisation was forced to change its name. The Castle has refused to acknowledge that it has any case to answer, despite being given a second chance to do so. A press release has since attempted to pass off the […]

The truth: how Mike O came to own his rival’s name

The media organisation set up by St Helena Government has had to change its name from St Helena Broadcasting (Guarantee) Corporation because it was too similar to one owned by its rival – the St Helena Broadcasting Corporation. In a breathtaking swerve, The Castle has blamed “another party, for reasons unknown, pre-registering a company name virtually identical to SHB(G)C’s”. […]

Situation? What situation? Castle untroubled by radio silence

The lack of a fully-functioning radio station on St Helena has been met with unconcern by the island’s government. In an echo of the “Crisis? What crisis?” headline in the UK’s Winter of Discontent in the 1970s, it said there was “no situation” to be concerned about. It closed Radio St Helena on Christmas Day 2012, even though […]

Mishievous Mike advertises ‘rival’ for sale – and it’s not a joke

Mike Olsson, who closed his Saint FM radio station on 21 December 2012, has advertised the station for sale – but made it look as if it’s his government-funded rival that’s on the market. But he’s entitled to do just that – because he’s the legal owner of the St Helena Broadcasting Corporation. It’s just that it’s not […]

‘We changed the island’ – Mike halts the heartbeat of St Helena

A candle burned in the crowded studio of Saint FM as the last song played out on St Helena’s best-loved radio station. A few minutes earlier, station founder Mike Olsson told listeners around the world: “I think we changed the island. We have been able to bring more openness and more information to the people.” He […]

Saint FM listeners urged to protest over ‘misuse’ of UK aid

UK listeners to Saint FM have been urged to protest to their members of Parliament over the station being “driven out of business” with British tax-payers’ money. St Helena’s first and only fully-independent radio station announced on Wednesday, 19 December 2012, that it would close permanently within 48 hours. Owner Mike Olsson said it could […]

Search dog Poppy wins award for finding missing child

The search dog that found missing three-year-old Ziggy Joshua has been given a commendation certificate for reuniting him with his parents. St Helena’s deputy fire chief, Alan Thomas, has told how he asked for one of Paul Laban’s trained dogs to be brought in when Ziggy went missing in the Hutt’s Gate area, prompting a large […]

Restoration is in the frame for Honeymoon Chair

The much-loved Honeymoon Chair on Jamestown waterfront should be restored to its former splendour by the end of August 2012, reports the St Helena Broadcasting Corporation – even if the bougainvillea that grew over it will take time to recover. The frame over the seat collapsed in April 2012, after the weight of the bougainvillea opened up cracks in […]

Bulletins go live – before radio switch-on

News bulletins from St Helena’s newest media organisation are now going out on the airwaves – before it has even launched its first radio station. The St Helena Broadcasting Corporation has been publishing audio bulletins on its website since April, but now it has arranged for them to be transmitted on Radio St Helena – the station […]