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It’s all light on the night as Christmas comes to Jamestown

St Helena Festival of Lights 2015 - What The Saints Did Next
St Helena Festival of Lights 2015

The Festival of Lights in Jamestown gets brighter every year. A replica RMS St Helena rolled down Main Street and in the bay, the real ship was lit up for her final Christmas. A large aircraft and even an air traffic control tower rumbled down through town as well, along with cheerleaders from Pilling School and lots and lots of Santas (most of them female).

Darrin and Sharon Henry launched their What The Saints Did Next blog a year ago with pictures of the 2014 festival, and they’ve produced some great shots again in 2015 – including the one above. Find more here.

Festival of Lights Paul Tyson

Check Paul Tyson’s Two Years In The Atlantic blog to see whether he’s posted his own images there yet; if not, you can see a first selection on his Facebook page, here.

Paul’s verdict: “Another fantastic show for Christmas 2015. Well done to Pilling Primary School and to all the Saint community who are the best when it comes to making the spectacular out of nothing. What a wonderful night.”

Ed Thorpe also has some excellent pictures (see below) in the St Helena Independent and on Facebook, here.

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IN PICTURES: The big switch-on at St Helena’s airport

They travelled across St Helena, in poor weather, to witness the first switching-on of the many runway lights at the island’s first airport: another landmark in the progress towards its scheduled completion in February 2016. BRUCE SALT was there and has kindly sent the pictures below. He writes: 

“The event was announced on Saint FM and the planned illumination was to be for half an hour, but the station could not have imagined just how many islanders would have manned the high ground at Bradleys and Levelwood to see the inaugural illumination of the island’s airstrip.

“Basil Read bosses were taken back by the public’s curiosity when they witnessed more than 200 vehicles rolling through Longwood through fog and rain to catch a glimpse of
lights, so much so that they extended the illumination time by an hour.”

St Helena Online thanks Bruce, as ever. Click on any other thumbnails to see a gallery of larger images.

St Helena’s very own offshore fishing vessel – in pictures

MFV Extractor arrives in James Bay. Click to pic to see a gallery of images by Bruce Salt
MFV Extractor arrives in James Bay. Click to pic to see a gallery of images by Bruce Salt

A large crowd of wellwishers gathered at the wharf in Jamestown to greet the arrival of the St Helena’s first island-owned offshore fishing vessel on 19 April 2014. A new company, Saint Marine Resources, was set up in January 2014 to buy and refit the trawler in Hout Bay, South Africa. The long-sought vessel will enable the island to exploit the rich fishing areas around its sea mounts.

Click here to see a gallery of images by Bruce Salt. 

A press release said:

MFV Extractor Arrived Safely in James Bay at 17:30hrs on Saturday 19 April.

Approximately 200 people turned up at the wharf to welcome the crew back, and they were given a brief demonstration of the vessel’s handling ability whilst awaiting clearance by Customs and Immigration officials.

Once ashore, the lead skipper, Trevor (Otto) Thomas, and crew members Waylon Thomas, Peter Benjamin, Errol Thomas, and Terry Richards, were presented with a St Helena “blue ensign” for the MFV Extractor by Councillor Lawson Henry, chairman of the Economic Development Committee.

During a small welcoming reception for the crew held at the St Helena Yacht Club shortly afterwards, Councillor Henry spoke about the significance of the Extractor’s arrival in St Helena, noting that when we talk about achieving economic growth for the island it is steps such as this that island needs to be taking.

SEE ALSO: MFV Extractor arrives in James Bay – pictures by Bruce Salt

Better late than never seen again…

Be very scared... lots of people were at New Horizons' Hallowe'en fundraiser
Be very scared… lots of people were at New Horizons’ Hallowe’en fundraiser

Deep in the cellars, something stirred… it was New Horizons, cooking up another ghoulish treat for Hallowe’en, this time at Jamestown Community Centre. In 2012 the youth charity’s hugely successful fundraising night was held at High Knoll Fort, but a haunted house in Jamestown was easier to set up. It’s taken a while to get the pictures up on this website (courtesy of New Horizons’ photographer), but if you were too scared to venture into the vaults – or too far away – then click on the image above to visit the full gallery.

All the fun of the Reading Sports – in pictures and interviews

Saints came from as far as Florida – and St Helena – for the annual Reading Sports in the UK. Click on the links below to see nearly 200 pictures from the day, and listen to the best of several interviews recorded for Saint FM by Simon Pipe of St Helena Online.

Why not click on the interviews, and then flick through the galleries as they’re playing?

Reading Sports in pictures – general shots
Reading Sports in pictures – the racing
Reading Sports in pictures – medal winners
Reading Sports in pictures – evening

Florida: Jack and Myrtle Whittaker came from America just for the Reading Sports
Lanterns for loved ones: coloured lights drift into the sky in a poignant family ceremony
A leaping Yon: there are Yons all round as runner John leaps the finishing tape
Spoons and balloons: Jamie Leo wins the adult egg and spoon race. Balloon sprint next…
Renee takes on the men: a mummy races the daddies, despite their long legs
Chicks: Jamie Benjamin explains the Saint tradition of passing on family nicknames
Gino, Natasha and Britney: Prince Charles was a neighbour, but they moved