Ascension ‘off-limits’ as US prepares for Iran nuclear crisis

America is reported to have been told it cannot use Wideawake Airfield on Ascension to prepare for military action against Iran. News media around the world have picked up on the story, though The Independent in London reports that Downing Street has refused to be drawn on the affair. The Guardian says US┬ádiplomats┬álobbied to be […]

Queen bans Saints from building nuclear weapons

Close-up of hands holding bundles of blue Iranian Rial notes

The Queen has signed a new law preventing people in St Helena trading sensitive goods with Iran. Any Saints who supply materials for making nuclear weapons, say – or lend their expertise – face up to seven years in prison. The Iran (Restrictive Measures) (Overseas Territories) Order 2012 was passed by “The Queen’s Most Excellent […]