Tristan da Cunha, as seen from space

This view of Tristan da Cunha has been chosen as the Image of the Day feature on the website of NASA, the American space agency. It was taken by the crew of the International Space Station.  It shows that while volcanic eruptions are known to have occurred from the central crater, lavas have also erupted from vents along the […]

Swirling spectacle over St Helena – visible from space

There’s much talk of St Helena becoming a holiday destination for astronomers, but on cloudy days, perhaps there’s an alternative possibility: Cloud tourism. An amazing array of stars can be seen in the island’s unpolluted skies. But when the clouds come, they can be a spectacle in themselves. They blow with the wind as it swirls around the island’s […]

Houston, we have a problem… St Helena’s tiny from space

Space station over the Earth

It might not have been the best day for nude sunbathing. Beyond the stratosphere, the crew of the International Space Station were keeping watch on St Helena when they passed over the island on Wednesday, 18 July 2012. Or trying to, anyway. The press release from NASA, the US space agency, doesn’t actually say whether […]