Ideas wanted for home of Napoleon’s general

A new future is being sought for the home of one of General Henri-Gratien Bertrand, one of the officers who joined Napoleon in exile on St Helena. Bertrand’s Cottage in Longwood is considered to have changed little since the general and his family moved out, after the deposed emperor died in 1821. The building later saw […]

St Helena ‘will disappear’ as seas rise, warns Guardian reader

Boots on, everyone: it’s approaching high tide in Half Tree Hollow. Or so one reader of The Guardian website thinks. An article praising St Helena’s airport has triggered a bewildering online debate, with one troubled contributor claiming it could make the island sink beneath the waves. The brief opinion piece on suggests that Napoleon […]

Fundraisers plan global push in Jamestown steeple campaign

A worldwide appeal is to be launched for money to restore one of St Helena’s lost landmarks: the steeple on St James’ Church, one of the ‘wonders’ of the island. Here, churchwarden IVY ELLICK outlines a campaign plan worthy of Napoleon. We are looking at 2015 as our target date for restoring the steeple of […]

Life of a St Helena slave to be marked with a wreath

Samuel Ally's gravestone with a lot of script engraved on it.

Samuel Ally was born a slave on St Helena but won his freedom – only to die, still a teenager, on another island 5,000 miles away. Now tribute is to be paid to his memory. His story had been all-but forgotten on St Helena, though not completely lost. But on the Isle of Man, where […]

Napoleon seeks Friends

It had to happen: Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of Longwood, has got a Facebook account. He calls himself Napoleone Buonaparte, but apart from failing to spell his name correctly in English, it’s the same chap. His profile says he worked at the French Foreign Legion (what’s the French for “hmmm”?), lives in Jamestown, Saint Helena, and […]

Slavery expert is to rescue island’s ancient archives

Unique St Helena records dating back more than 300 years are to be rescued from possible “catastrophic loss”. Many of the ancient documents in the archives at The Castle in Jamestown are already in very poor condition because of a lack of temperature controls, according to St Helena Government. Some have been attacked by insects […]

St Helena quip proves the old jokes are… old

A St Helena joke made more than 100 years ago has surfaced on a website. It’s not actually about the island, but it’s amusing enough to merit a mention. It tells of a conversation in 1890 between two London gentlemen, over whether a tunnel should be built between England and France. Sir Julian Goldsmid said […]

Napoleon’s Longwood letter has experts debating

A letter written by Napoleon at Longwood – in English – has set commentators off on a debate about whether he was any good at his captors’ language. The letter is tipped to fetch in the region of £65,000 at an auction in the French town of Fontainebleau on Sunday. America’s CNN quotes auction house […]

St Helena goes on show – in Australia

A “beautiful watercolour of Napoleon’s grave in St Helena” features in a new exhibition that tells of the emperor’s fascination with Australia, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The National Gallery of Victoria’s “winter blockbuster exhibition” covers the Frencyh Revolution, the Reign of Terror, and the exile to St Helena. Articles on display also tell how […]