Simplicity makes Ladder Hill life so beautiful, writes Doreen

People living in Ladder Hill Fort have been warned they may have to move out in two years, to make way for a hotel. Writer DOREEN GATIEN, now living in California, cherishes her memories of a barracks childhood. Click here to see a gallery The headlines coming out of my beautiful island are not very […]

Hotel plan means ‘better homes’ for Ladder Hill Fort tenants

People whose sub-standard homes could be taken over by tourists have been promised new and better housing. HARDEEP KAUR reports. Families will have to move out of their homes at Ladder Hill Fort to make way for a luxury hotel and self-catering apartments.  The fort is currently the site of 21 government houses, and at […]

Hoteliers fall for island’s cliff-top fortress

Ladder Hill Fort has been chosen by visiting hoteliers as the ideal site for them to create luxury tourist accommodation. Adrian Gardiner, founder of the Mantis Collection, said: “I think it’s one of the most exceptional sites I have seen in the world.” He told radio interviewer Darrin Henry he would like to see it with between 30 and 35 […]

Government property for sale ‘effectively, now’ (comment added)

Buildings and land owned by St Helena Government are about to be advertised on the open market, according to Stuart Planner of Enterprise St Helena. But anyone who needs property for a business needn’t wait, he said. They are for sale “effectively, now”, he told listeners to Saint FM. “Come and talk to me.” Architects […]