Swirling spectacle over St Helena – visible from space

There’s much talk of St Helena becoming a holiday destination for astronomers, but on cloudy days, perhaps there’s an alternative possibility: Cloud tourism. An amazing array of stars can be seen in the island’s unpolluted skies. But when the clouds come, they can be a spectacle in themselves. They blow with the wind as it swirls around the island’s […]

Tristanians build an old-style cottage – with a flax roof

Pensioners on Tristan da Cunha have completed a project to build a stone cottage in the style that was used in the earliest days of the island’s settlement. Earlier this month, 40 men gathered to give the cottage a roof of thatched flax – the same kind that grows over much of St Helena. The project […]

Thefts hit effort to revive endangered island plants

Security is being reviewed at St Helena’s Millennium Forest after thefts of critically-endangered endemic plants worth hundreds of pounds. Many were to have been planted as part of the Darwin project to re-establish extremely rare native flora on the island. Adam Wolfe, director of the St Helena National Trust, said thefts since May 2012 had left him “frustrated and disappointed, […]

Island’s media regulators ‘won’t be controlled from The Castle’

The people appointed to rule on media complaints on St Helena will be free of government influence, the island’s chief magistrate has insisted. John MacRitchie has pointed out that their independence is protected in the new Media Standards Ordinance, which came into effect on 9 October 2012. He also told St Helena Online that the […]

Media website profiles St Helena Online

Simon Pipe writes: A profile of St Helena Online has been published on the Online Journalism Blog, which monitors new developments in the world of internet media – including “hyperlocal” news websites. It acknowledges the many people who’ve helped create this site. I’m quoted as follows: “Mainly, though, I’m proud of the fantastic range of stories on the […]

Please sponsor my left knee, so I can tell better stories

By Simon Pipe, editor Ninety thousand hits in nine months isn’t bad going, but if St Helena Online is to be even more interesting, it needs a little money. It’s only right that this should involve me in pain, exhaustion and darkness. And that was just on the training walks. This weekend, I hope to […]

Scientists probe Ascension Island’s underwater mysteries

A diving expedition has yielded hundreds of pictures of Ascension Island as few people ever see it – as well as species not found there before. They show an underwater spectacle that contrasts sharply with the island’s harsh volcanic shores. Some of the most striking pictures can be found in the Galleries section of St Helena Online […]

Dear Councillor: do you want open government on St Helena?

The people elected to serve the people of St Helena have been asked to say whether they want to bring democracy on the island out into the open.  Governor Mark Capes has reported that councillors want to see more government information made public. But so far, that has not brought about the kind of transparency […]

Jamestown prison boss gets jail term for theft

Mick Morris, who ran Jamestown Prison until earlier this year, has been given a jail term himself – for stealing from another prison. A court in the UK heard he took computers and a camera from Leyhill Open Prison when he left to take up his job on St Helena. Morris, 45, was given a six-month […]