Rats caught attacking island chicks

A large number of rats have been found around the sooty tern colony on Ascension Island – with evidence of having fed on chicks. Now one has been captured on video, probing round a nest at night while a tern refuses to move away. The video has been published on the Ascension Island Conservation group’s […]

Sewage pipe prompts an outpouring of concern

An outbreak of illness that has kept cruise ships away from the Turks and Caicos Islands has prompted a St Helena Online reader to ask why people in Jamestown are not also taking sick – especially visiting yachties. Caribbean News Now reports that the islands – a British overseas territoriy – have lost millions of […]

Tristan housing: never let flax get in the way of a story

Life on Tristan must be even more cosy than it previously appeared to the outside world, if Business Today magazine is to be believed. “The community is no more than 11 flax-thatched cottages,” it says. With 262 residents, that works out at about 24 people per cottage. The revelation appears in a sidebar headlined Silent […]

Island vicar wanted: may suit hard-of-hearing

Clergy who want to hear God’s voice more clearly should consider moving to Tristan da Cunha, according to islander Lorna Lavarello-Smith. Lorna is leading the search for a new vicar for the world’s most remote inhabited island, which has been without an Anglican minister for nearly three years – the longest gap since 1922. “If you […]

Astronaut chases a white herring

By Guy Gatien So, International Space Station Astronaut Chris Hadfield—commander of Expedition 35, so you better take him seriously, folks—tweeted a picture of a certain volcanic island in the Atlantic that looks like the head of a giant fishbone skeleton made of clouds. Still with me? Well, see for yourself: Canadian Astronaut, currently living in […]

Why Dr Judith can only just see the seashells on the sea shore

Two high-power microscopes have arrived on St Helena – and they’re going to be needed to examine some of the marine life found by scientists. Some molluscs discovered hiding in sand are only four millimetres long. Dr Judith Brown and her team have been searching the sea – and the archives – to try to […]

St Helena joins global Earth Hour. Shame about the satellite

People on St Helena were being urged to form up at Francis Plain on Saturday, 23 March 2013, to spell out a giant “2016” – the year the island’s airport is due to be open. The plan was to photograph the gathering as part of global Earth Hour. MATT JOSHUA explained.  Earth Hour is the […]

Simplicity makes Ladder Hill life so beautiful, writes Doreen

People living in Ladder Hill Fort have been warned they may have to move out in two years, to make way for a hotel. Writer DOREEN GATIEN, now living in California, cherishes her memories of a barracks childhood. Click here to see a gallery The headlines coming out of my beautiful island are not very […]

Killer diabetes puts island under strain, says the Castle

A rapid rise in diabetes cases is putting putting massive pressure on St Helena’s economy – as well as wrecking lives. The island now has one of the worst rates of type 2 diabetes in the world, per head of population. St Helena Government says the steep rise is partly down to increased testing, as […]

Tristan da Cunha, as seen from space

This view of Tristan da Cunha has been chosen as the Image of the Day feature on the website of NASA, the American space agency. It was taken by the crew of the International Space Station.  It shows that while volcanic eruptions are known to have occurred from the central crater, lavas have also erupted from vents along the […]