Falklands could help charities in Argentina – Branson

Falklands oil wealth could be shared with charities in Argentina, says the UK billionaire Sir Richard Branson. He makes the suggestion in a blog post filed from ‘beautiful Argentina’, in which he reflects on the brutality of the regime that invaded the Falklands 30 years ago, but also killed 30,000 of its own people and stole […]

Escape plan put Boney in a barrel

Plans were made to carry Napoleon away from captivity at Longwood in a barrel, according to a new book reviewed on John Tyrrell’s blog, Reflections on A Journey to St Helena. He says The Emperor’s Last Campaign, by Emilio Ocampo, is ‘a fascinating and important book which provides a totally new perspective on Napoleon’s captivity on […]

Final consultation launched on land use

A final round of consultation has begun on how land should be used and protected on St Helena. A new Land Development Control Plan is expected to be in place by April. St Helena Government says it’s a key part of efforts to kick-start the economy, alongside policies on housing, conservation and disposal of Crown land and […]

Island snippets, 28 January 2012

A Facebook page has been set up by Falklands United, to show support for islanders in the current diplomatic tensions. It’s here. Unwanted glass bottles are being crushed and turned into ornaments by a not-for-profit eco group on the British Virgin Islands, a UK overseas territory. See the YouTube video here. Some beautiful pictures of […]

The Week: contempt and distrust over Gibraltar and Falklands

Senior Foreign Office staff had a contemptuous attitude towards the citizens of the only British Overseas Territory in mainland Europe, according to a very punchy column by Crispin Black in The Week. He recalls how he represented the Cabinet Office at meetings about Gibraltar, attended by FCO types. ‘Their preferred formula for the 30,000 inhabitants of the […]

The golden truth about aid to St Helena – or just a typing error?

Was the St Helena Independent hinting at something about the UK’s relationship with the island when it printed a rather charming typo? It appeared in a piece about St Helena’s currency, way back in September 2010 – I’ve just spotted it while looking for something else. Mischieveous people might suggest it says a lot about […]

St Helena media, 28 January 2011

Lots of fun in the St Helena Independent this week, including a picture of an egg from Roddy Yon’s chicken farm that measured 90 mm – just short of a record. Julian Cairns-Wicks also has a witty pay-off line in his story about the unexploded shells and other military detritis that apparently litter Prosperous Bay Plain, where […]

Climate change puts UK territories in danger, warns minister

Climate change is jeopardising the future of some of Britain’s overseas territories and could leave islands ‘completely cut off,’ a UK government report has warned. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman says in the report: ‘The environmental challenges which our overseas territories face are… threatening the future security and safety of our territories, and in particular the people and the biodiversity […]

Land deal drawn up for luxury hotel

Plans for a luxury hotel on St Helena have moved a step forward, with developer Shelco about to be given permission to buy land for the project. A draft agreement has been approved by executive councillors, to be signed by Governor Mark Capes. The special consent is needed because a new law allowing non-islanders to […]

Napoleon book’s neat slogan for St Helena

How do you describe St Helena in a slogan that’ll catch the attention of would-be tourists? There was a debate about this a couple of years ago. I can’t remember the outcome, but I’ve just been reminded of a neat line that should have been considered. It comes from Julia Blackburn’s book, The Emperor’s Last […]