The Risk Assessment: hospital team does ‘an amazing job’

Staff at the hospital on St Helena have been praised for the way they cope with challenging working conditions, by departing medic Dr Ahmad Risk. He told Saint FM: “The front line staff – the doctors and nurses – do an amazing job under what I regard as very difficult conditions. “Medical care is a […]

Sewage pipe prompts an outpouring of concern

An outbreak of illness that has kept cruise ships away from the Turks and Caicos Islands has prompted a St Helena Online reader to ask why people in Jamestown are not also taking sick – especially visiting yachties. Caribbean News Now reports that the islands – a British overseas territoriy – have lost millions of […]

Food is the key to island life – and tackling its health crisis

A new body to promote food and healthy eating on St Helena is proposed in the island’s draft agriculture policy – even though it says food is already at the heart of island life. And it says the new organisation could “make a significant contribution” to tackling hypertension by encouraging healthy eating. The island has […]

My sadness and anger at diabetes crisis, by writer Doreen

One in seven people on St Helena has diabetes – one of the highest rates for the disease on the planet. The scale of the crisis moved DOREEN GATIEN, a Saint writer now living in California, to make a cry from the heart.   To say that I am really sorry to hear about the […]

Diabetes cases soar as island struggles with cost of healthcare

One in seven people on St Helena has been diagnosed with diabetes – an increase of more than ten per cent in just two years. On 1 March 2013 there were 645 islanders being treated for the disease, which doubles the risk of early death.  In March 2011, the figure was “about 570”, according to […]

Cut-price foods that left island with a bulging health problem

St Helena no longer has the highest incidence of type-2 diabetes in the world, but that’s only because it’s got even worse elsewhere. Cheap imports of sweet milk and rice may have kept Saints from starvation in harder times, but now the island’s health service is struggling with the consequences, says MIKE THORPE. A target for treating diabetics has been […]

Diabetes target ‘unlikely to be met’

Mixed results have been reported on efforts to tackle St Helena’s massive diabetes problem – one of the worst in the world. Health workers have succeeded in performing annual checks on registered diabetics, according to the aide memoire issued at the end of the annual Development Assistance Planning Mission from the UK. But it adds: […]

Extra £1.4 million is proposed to boost health and schooling

Nearly one and a half million pounds of extra funding will pumped into St Helena to improve health care and education, if UK ministers accept proposals from the 2013 aid mission to the island. That is on top of £12 million to cover the ongoing shortfall in St Helena Government’s annual budget. The £12m amounts to a slight […]

Saint doctor Petrina contemplates a home visit

Petrina Williams, the first ever island-educated St Helenian qualify as a doctor, is contemplating returning home to practise in Jamestown. But even after five years of university study and another five in training in the UK, she says will still have to acquire new skills if she’s to work somewhere as isolated as St Helena. […]

Social workers learn about child protection

Social workers on St Helena have completed three months of seminars on child protection and a range of other issues. Visiting trainer Vincent O’Rourke also taught staff about behavioural therapy, and ways to improve family life. Read more on the St Helena Government website, here.