Second yacht quits Governor’s Cup as mast snaps

A snapped mast has forced a second yacht out of the Governor’s Cup race between South Africa and St Helena. The skipper of Ray of Light, Michael Kavanagh, had to climb the mast unaided while the yacht pitched in waves off the coast of Namibia. “We are all devastated,” said Michael. “Why this happened we do […]

Santa delivers to four-year-old Sean – on a yacht

Father Christmas manages to deliver presents to children even when they are at sea in a yacht race, it seems. The youngest competitor in the 2012 Governor’s Cup race is reported to have been untroubled to spend Christmas Day on his parents’ boat. Sean Kavanagh, who is four years old, did not let sailing get in the […]

Record fleet enlists for island yacht race

A record 26 yachts have been signed up to take part in the 2012 Governor’s Cup race from South Africa to St Helena. Skippers are being warned that some will have to anchor off the island, despite efforts to install safe moorings in time for the race following the sinking of the yacht Queequeg, which […]