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Yacht limps for home with ‘tiny bit of sail’

The dismasted yacht Ray of Light is being sailed back to South Africa with a reduced crew of three after withdrawing from the Governor’s Cup race to St Helena. The owners’ four-year-old son, Sean Kavanagh, remains aboard.

The race website said: “They have a tiny bit of main and storm jib rigged on the remainder of the mast.”

Other crew members are returning home by road from Luderitz.

The yacht Black Cat is making for the same port after suffering near-complete electrical failure.

Skipper Dave Immelman told race organisers: “One of my crew has managed to start the engine after a number of hours with the crank handle, giving us the power we need for the VHF etc.

“However the batteries are not holding charge so we have arranged for new batteries and
an alternator to be sent to Luderitz. We hope to be back on course as soon as possible.”

Second yacht quits Governor’s Cup as mast snaps

Governor’s Cup yacht race

Governor’s Cup yacht race gets under way

The fleet clears Cape Point. Click the pic to visit the official race positions web page (takes time to load)
The fleet clears Cape Point. Click the pic to visit the official race positions web page (takes time to load)

Twenty yachts set sail in the Governor’s Cup Yacht Race on Saturday, 22 December 2012, including two late entries.

The first days’ satellite positioning update showed the St Helena crew apparently well behind most of the fleet, but skipper Hedge Shuter had reported trouble with the yacht’s tracker device. JML Rotary Scout, which has two island scouts in its crew, was well up the field.

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Yachting journalist Sue Pelling has described glorious conditions for the start of the “sleigh ride” to St Helena, with thousands of people watching from vantage points ashore. Read her report here.

19 yachts line up to surf to St Helena
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Governor’s Cup Yacht Race

Governor’s Cup: 19 yachts line up to surf to St Helena

The 19 crews confirmed for December’s yacht race to St Helena will need courage and skill, according to island governor Mark Capes.

He has spoken of growing excitement on the island about the eighth Governor’s Cup Yacht Race from South Africa.

In a short speech at the False Bay Yacht Club in Simon’s Town, he promised a warm welcome for the 90 sailors and supporters expected on the island in early January 2013.

Governor Capes spoke just before being handed the cut-glass race trophy by club manager and 2010 winner Billy Leisegang.

He said: “I’m very grateful to the commodore and Billy and his team at the FBYC for their tremendous efforts to prepare for the race to St Helena and the great spirit of friendship they bring to all their dealings with their counterparts in St Helena.

“The Governor’s Cup Yacht Race is a demanding and exciting international sporting event, calling for excellent seamanship skills and not a small amount of courage to tackle over 1700 miles of often-unpredicable weather and seas, with fast downhill sailing.

“For everyone taking part in this race it will be, I’m absolutely sure, a tremendous personal experience and achievement.

“I look forward to welcoming all the teams to Jamestown in January.

“But this is much more than just a yacht race. The Governor’s Cup represents the close, warm and long-established links between St Helena and South Africa.

“St Helena remains a welcoming and safe haven for mariners sailing to or from the Cape. Today, virtually all of our trade is with, or comes through, South Africa. Many Saints have been here training or working.

“As the Governor’s Cup approaches, excitement is mounting in St Helena. There is a real buzz about the place of anticipation of the 19 teams coming to visit in early January. All participants will get a very warm welcome, and I wish everyone participating in the race kind seas and safe sailing.”

The race starts from Simon’s Town on 22 December 2012.

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The Governor’s Cup Yacht Race

RMS breakdown: Facebook comments

They have to fix and KEEP the RMS St Helena! You can’t rely on costly air travel alone. Export/import via sea is the only way. St Helena Government must not make same stupid mistake like South Africa – SA got no ships! – Merle Martin

Even though she breaks down from time to time, she has kept us (St.Helena) going for years and years. I say too, KEEP our loyal RMS St Helena – Lucinda Corney

Yacht race organisers seek a home for St Helena crew

An appeal has gone out in South Africa for acommodation for St Helena’s crew in the Governor’s Cup Yacht Race in December.

Hedge Shuter and three other islanders will make up the crew for the only all-island entry in the race from Simonstown to St Helena.

Organiser Billy Leisegang, of the False Bay Yacht Club in Simonstown, says: “They are not flush with funds, so are appealing to anyone with vacant living space available close to FBYC to please come forward. They would be able to accommodate a small fee if required.

“Dianne and I have had Saints stay with us prior to three Governor’s Cups and I assure you that they are an absolute pleasure to have as guests. They settle in easily, are excellent company and WOW can they cook!

“Please contact me soonest if you have any ideas at”

In fact, the island yacht is expected to have a combined Saint and expat crew – that’s not to say the cooking will be any less good.

Twenty five yachts are lined up to form the biggest-ever fleet in the race, which has taken place every two years since 1997. Two have pulled out but another two look set to replace them.

Secure moorings for the entire fleet are expected to be in place in time for the race.

The yacht race newsletter says: “Excellent breaking news is that the island has commissioned a professional engineering design and specification for their moorings and it is anticipated that 25 moorings, more than adequate to securely berth our fleet, will be installed and commissioned well in time for our arrival.”

Record fleet enlists for island yacht race

Governor’s Cup Yacht Race 2012