London dismisses election protest against Governor Capes

A formal protest has been sent to Foreign Secretary William Hague over the “unpleasant” way that Governor Mark Capes dismissed elected councillors without warning. But a response from overseas territories chief Peter Hayes has claimed that Mr Capes gave “justified reasons” for removing councillors from office. In fact, those reasons only explained the decision to […]

Sacked councillors round on His Absency the Governor

Leading island politicians have publicly condemned the actions of Governor Mark Capes in dissolving St Helena’s Legislative Council without warning – and without calling an election. Mr Capes gave the 12 elected councillors an hour’s notice of his announcement, which appeared to have been timed to fit in with his holiday. He removed them from […]

Small shipment blamed for diesel price rise – but tax has gone up too

A ten per cent rise in the price of a litre of diesel is partly due to prices overseas, according to Governor Mark Capes. But more than half the 12 pence increase reflects a rise in customs duty. In his report of the latest Executive Council meeting, Mr Capes says: “The increase was due in part […]

Champagne launch for the Department of Everything

You’d be hard-pressed to better Tara Pelembe’s words on St Helena’s environment: “It is the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, the food that we eat, the energy we use in our houses, the landscape we enjoy, the sea where we fish and also importantly, our culture and our inspiration, our history […]