‘I’m not surrendering’ – voice of the late Sir Rex Hunt

A recording of a broadcast by Falklands governor Sir Rex Hunt in the early stages of the Argentine invasion has been posted on the internet. In it, he tells presenter Patrick Watts he won’t surrender to “the bloody Argies”. Sir Rex died on Remembrance Sunday 2012, aged 82. Listen to the recording here (duration: 1 min 24 […]

Falklands mourn Sir Rex Hunt, hero of the ’82 invasion

Sir Rex Hunt, the governor of the Falkland Islands who told Argentine forces they were “very uncivilised to invade British territory,” has died, aged 86. Flags were flown at half mast in Stanley, the islands’ capital, and a book of condolence has been opened at the cathedral. Sir Rex died in hospital on Sunday night. When Argentine […]

Falkland Islanders to vote on British status

People on the Falklands are to be asked whether they want the islands to remain a UK overseas territory. A decision was made earlier in 2012 to call a referendum to establish islanders’ views beyond doubt as politicians in Buenos Airies increased pressure for the islands to become part of Argentina. The wording of the […]

Falklands braced for oil boom with deep-water port plan

A new deep-water port facility is planned for the Falkland Islands, reports the Mercopress news website. It says the new landing facilities will be at Port William, to avoid the environmental impact of expanding the floating dock at Stanley. The plans assume oil and gas production will have taken off within five or six years, requiring hundreds of […]

Wild mushrooms poison Falklands woman

A case of mushroom poisoning has been reported on the Falkland Islands, according to Juanita Brock of sartma.com. The female victim has recovered, but the medical officer has issued a warning about the potential hazards of eating unfamiliar fungi. Samples have been sent to the UK for identification.

Forensics evidence sent to UK in Falklands desecration case

Forensic scientists in the UK are being asked to help police investigate a vandalism attack at the Argentinian war cemetery in the Falklands. They have been sent material from the East Darwin site. Officers have also asked for help from Buenos Airies to trace the origin of a copy of The Bible with a Spanish inscription. […]

Ban on Falklands ships ‘aimed at blocking supplies’

Lawmakers in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province have brought in a ban on ships using its ports if they have been involved in business activities off the disputed Falkland Islands. Reuters news agency says it is part of Argentina’s drive to discourage oil exploration in the area. It says the law “is aimed at keeping ships from obtaining […]

Cameron must apologise for cemetery sacrilege, says writer

the face of the Virgin Mary looks out from shattered glass

A call has been made for Britain’s prime minister to apologise to Argentina for a vandal’s act of “sacrilege” at its war cemetery on the Falkland Islands. The glass case protecting a statue of the Virgin Mary of Lujan has been smashed at the cemetery, where 237 servicemen were buried with full military honours after […]

Falklands government condemns cemetery desecration

Vandalism of a religious image at the Argentine war cemetery on the Falkland Islands has prompted a statement of regret from the government in Stanley. It says: “We have been made aware of damage that has been done to the Argentine cemetery at Darwin. From what we have been told this appears to be damage […]

Picture that angered families of the fallen

the face of the Virgin Mary looks out from shattered glass

A vandal has smashed glass protecting the sacred virgin at the Argentine war cemetery in the Falkland Islands. This picture, by Sebastian Socodo of the Commission Of Families Of Fallen Soldiers, has been published around the world. Read more here.