Ninety days in a wilderness: election delayed until last moment

The restoration of democratically-elected government on St Helena is to be delayed until the last possible week. A general election is to take place on St Helena on 17 July 2013 – two days short of the 13-week deadline allowed under the island’s constitution.  Governor Mark Capes dissolved the island’s Legislative Council without warning on […]

Public gets a vote as chief councillor plan is put on hold

The idea of electing a chief councillor for St Helena has been put on hold after a vigorous debate by the island’s Legislative Council. It will now be put to a public ballot, to be held before LegCo’s next meeting towards the end of March. The proposal would have seen one member elected to lead the Executive […]

ExCo secrecy ‘undermines claims’ behind political reform

An expert on government has cast doubt on proposals to make St Helena’s leaders “more accountable” to the people they serve. St Helena Online approached Professor Colin Copus about the government’s blanket refusal to allow access to executive council meetings and papers. He said: “It undermines any claims of accountability to the people you represent.” […]

Constitution flaw left leaders challenging themselves

A flaw in St Helena’s constitution means senior councillors can legally be responsible for challenging their own decisions. Last year, two “respected” executive councillors stepped down from the island’s public accounts committee, set up to monitor decision-making, when the flaw was highlighted. Now changes have been proposed to prevent executive council members from serving on the body. The ban is […]

Christine wins by-election on a 19% turnout

Christine Scipio-O’Dean has emerged as the clear winner of the by-election to choose a new legislative councillor on St Helena, following the resignation of Tara Thomas. She becomes one of only two female councillors, alongside Bernice Olsson. She polled 101 votes, more than the combined total for her opponents Eric George (54 votes) and Lionel […]

St Helena Online joins a campaign for transparency

Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s not good for democracy. St Helena’s elected councillors are making decisions that will set the course of the island’s future, but we are rarely told what they will talk about in advance. That means people cannot voice their own concerns, and possibly raise problems that the officials in The […]