Officials to face court over leaked Chagos ‘ploy’

An alleged ploy to stop people of the Chagos Islands returning to their homes in the British overseas territory can be tested in court, the UK’s Independent newspaper reports. It says a judge has ordered that two senior government officials must face cross-examination over a secret US document that appeared on the WikiLeaks website. It […]

Jubilee brings new turn in overseas territory scandal

One of the lingering scandals of Britain’s treatment of its overseas territories has taken a new twist. More than 40 years after the people of the Chagos Islands were forcibly removed to make way for an Ascension-style US air base, Britain is being asked to hand the Indian Ocean territory to Mauritius. The Daily Telegraph […]

Displaced islanders written off as “a few Man Fridays”

Newly-released secret papers show how officials conspired to remove the people of the Chagos Islands, one of Britain’s overseas territories. The UK government was negotiating a deal that would allow the United States to use the islands as a military base – but the resident Chagossians were forcibly deported. Some left the island on trips […]