Economic dream needs better education, says director

St Helena has a “huge need” for better education if it is to create a viable economy, says the man who is stepping down as head of schooling on the island. In a farewell message, John Sullivan says everyone on the island needs to get behind efforts to improve standards – not just teachers and […]

State-funded paper won’t be controlled from The Castle, says founder – as Independent announces closure (updated Tuesday 27 March 2012)

The announcement that the St Helena Independent is to close on Friday, citing government-funded competition – has prompted strong reactions. Read comments here. So far, however – because of personal pressures – this website has not carried any response from the organisation behind the government-subsidised St Helena Sentinel, which launches on the same day. However, the St Helena Herald carried […]

Internet cable for St Helena: ‘We’re interested’, says the Castle

The cost of connecting St Helena up to an undersea internet cable would be “very substantial”, according to the island government. It has confirmed that it is investigating the idea. But the man behind the Connect St Helena campaign has challenged a claim – from an unnamed source – that the price could reach $50 million. Christian von […]

AUDIO SLIDESHOW: ‘My intense grief for St Helena slaves’

Television archaeologist Mark Horton has described his emotion on coming “face to face” with the remains of slaves whose bodies were excavated from a mass grave on St Helena. They were among thousands of Africans brought to the island aboard captured slave-running vessels. “It was a moment of intense grief. Those were people. That was […]

South Georgia marine reserve: a ‘land grab’ in the ocean?

The creation of a vast marine reserve around South Georgia could be seen as a way of grabbing territory for the UK, a political analyst has warned. “Given that Argentina claims sovereignty over the newly protected areas,” says Dr James Allan, “the British government’s decision is a reminder of how environmental matters are often closely […]

£60m a year to defend Falklands – plus hidden costs

The price of defending the Falkland Islands is predicted to be at least £189 million over the next three years – with other undisclosed costs on top of that, according to defence minister Nick Harvey. But he told the House of Commons: “It should be noted there is no credible threat against the islands.” The […]

Argentine harrassment of Falklands is illegal, says UK

Argentina’s attempts to make life difficult for Falkland Islanders are “illegal”, says the UK government. The latest move has been a threat of legal action against companies exploring for oil in the islands. Its foreign minister, Hector Timerman, promised “administrative, civil and criminal” penalties, claiming Falklands oil belongs to Argentina. A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: […]

Minister reveals efforts to secure high-speed web link

New hope of faster and cheaper internet access for St Helena has emerged in the House of Commons in London. Members of Parliament have been told that St Helena Government (SHG) is trying to secure a high-speed broadband connection for the island, instead of having to rely on the Cable & Wireless satellite link. The […]

Corruption in the Caribbean… not much on St Helena

The real pirates of the Caribbean are the ones tainting government in its British territories, according to some of the people who responded to a public consultation. Not so much was said about St Helena and the other South Atlantic islands in response to the UK government’s questions about life in the territories. Dominant concerns […]

Slideshow: St Helena’s slave graveyard


A note from Simon: the launch of the new book about the excavation of the slave graveyard in Rupert’s Valley was fabulous and fascinating. Professor Mark Horton – sometime presenter on the BBC’s Coast series – said that the island’s role in the abolition of slave-running during its most savage era was of far greater […]