You wait for a meeting on buses, then four come at once…

Bus users are to be asked how public transport could be improved on St Helena. The island’s government has drawn up a questionnaire, which it will be handing out at councillors’ constituency meetings. A team of four officials has been put together to run a listening exercise, including Robin Swaisland, who is in charge of modernising […]

Thieves damage rockfall defences in Jamestown

Vandals have put lives at risk in Jamestown by damaging the rockfall protection fences above homes. Shackles have been stolen from the steel defences above the town – which cost several million pounds – and others have been tampered with. St Helena Government said: “The removal of these shackles would mean that the fence could have failed […]

Pensions and benefits rise ‘to protect vulnerable’

Island pensions have risen by 4.7% from 1 April 2012, “to protect the more vulnerable members of the community,” says St Helena Government. The three weekly rates are now set at £47.12, £35.34 and £22.50. Income related benefits have gone up by the same percentage, to £45.34. But some households will not see a rise […]

The Falklands invasion as it happened – 30 years on

2 April 1982, Government House, Stanley: “Stop fighting, Mr Hunt! Come out, Mr Hunt! Tell your marines to stop fighting!” It is 30 years since an invasion force landed on the Falkland Islands, starting a brief but brutal war that left many dead and others scarred – but also woke Britain up to the existence of […]

White Space: the broadband alternative for remote islands?

St Helena’s not the only remote island that can’t get broadband internet – but some of the more sparsely-populated outcrops of the British Isles may have found a way round the problem. It’s called “white space” (whatever that is), and so far it’s reaching just ten homes fitted with special aerials on the Scottish island […]

Castle Gardens media building is approved – eventually

St Helena’s new broadcasting corporation will able to blossom after winning approval to set up its studios in the Castle Gardens in Jamestown – despite objections. The plan was approved by executive councillors on the very eve of the launch of the group’s first venture, the St Helena Sentinel newspaper. Shelco has also won final […]

Must do better: poor school report spells ‘bleak’ future (comments added)

The writing is on the blackboard for St Helena’s economy if islanders don’t wake up to low marks in their schools. A report finds standards are poor, teachers lack training, and without radical change, the jobs outlook is bleak. People may gaze at the sky all they like, and dream of the wealth that a […]

‘Exciting’ new media will benefit islanders, says government

The new St Helena Sentinel and its sister radio stations will be an important part of island life during a period of massive upheaval, according to the St Helena Government (SHG). The island’s Independent newspaper has announced it will close when the Sentinel newspaper is launched tomorrow – 30 March 2012 – by the new […]