Goats? That’s nothing: Bermuda chickens go on the run

And we thought St Helena had it bad enough, with a few goats getting on the government’s butt. And cats. Okay, and a vast number of rats. In Bermuda, an entirely different species has gone wildly out of control, and officials are laying eggs about it. The shadowy London Reader – who alerts the St Helena […]

Bidders try to save jetty plan – after report it would be scrapped

The leading bidders for the job of building a breakwater at Jamestown are trying to bring down the cost of the project – only days after UK cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell suggested it was being dropped. The contract cannot be awarded to the joint preferred bidders, Enco and Marine Lagan, because St Helena Government cannot […]

How photo-blogger told America about island oil disaster

Photographer Andrew Evans arrived on the world’s most remote inhabited island just days after the bulk carrier MS Oliva was shipwrecked, creating an environmental disaster. The ship releasing an oil slick that was to kill hundreds of endangered rockhopper penguins – and for a few days, it went unreported in the world’s media. Evans had […]

Rat claims discounted as pest control staff are laid off

Claims that rats are on the increase across the island have been discounted by St Helena Government (SHG) – just as the number of pest controllers is being halved. Five of the 11 staff who lay bait are to lose their jobs. Councillors have confirmed receiving complaints, but a statement from The Castle says: “There […]

Displaced islanders written off as “a few Man Fridays”

Newly-released secret papers show how officials conspired to remove the people of the Chagos Islands, one of Britain’s overseas territories. The UK government was negotiating a deal that would allow the United States to use the islands as a military base – but the resident Chagossians were forcibly deported. Some left the island on trips […]

No pressure on island cricketers… but Zambia wants to win

St Helena’s national cricket team will be facing an opponent under pressure in its first-ever venture into an overseas tournament. The head of the Zambian Cricket Union says his own team “must” win the championship in South Africa if it is to get back into a higher division, reports The Times of Zambia. St Helena is […]

Hotel owner is censured for chamber resignation call

Hazel Wilmot has been formally rebuked for publicly demanding the resignations of the leaders of the island’s chamber of commerce, over the closure of the St Helena Independent. A statement from the chamber – sent to this website by Ms Wilmot – says the owner of The Consulate Hotel in Jamestown has been given a “public censure”. It says […]

Funding shortfall delays safer landing stage

Improvements to the wharf at Jamestown are on hold – because there’s not enough money to pay for them. Councillors were called to The Castle at short notice to be told about the threat to the project to provide cruise passengers with a safe place to come ashore. A “preferred bidder” has been chosen for […]

‘Eco resort’ moves a step closer in wirebird valley

Efforts to create an “eco friendly” tourist resort in St Helena have cleared another hurdle, with the signing of a new agreement that promises work and housing for islanders. The scheme involves a luxury hotel and spa, a golf course and tourist chalets at Broad Bottom – one of the prime breeding sites of the island’s vulnerable wirebird, […]

Do the maths, says economist: tourists equal millions (comments added)

The secret formula for St Helena’s future prosperity has been worked out by the island’s economist. And here it is: 30,000 x £150 x 7 = £31.5 million Owen James says the prospect of air travel from 2015 offers scope to improve living standards “on a scale unimaginable without an airport.” But he adds: “Until I […]