Driver flips airport truck – and escapes with bang on the head

An airport worker escaped with only minor harm when the dump truck he was driving rolled over on the construction site at Prosperous Bay Plain. A fellow driver pulled him from the vehicle, suffering cuts to his hands in the process. Both were assessed by a paramedic on the scene and then taken to the hospital in Jamestown, […]

Airport jobs are not a licence for banned drivers, say police

Banned drivers and learners employed on St Helena’s airport project have been warned they must not drive in public places while at work. People without a valid licence can drive on construction sites with consent from airport contractor Basil Read – but the exemption does not cover the whole of the development area. Sergeant Ray […]

Paul’s plea for a home reveals eight families at risk

Up to eight families on St Helena are known to be on the brink of losing their homes, it has emerged. But the island’s new airport workers’ camp could provide a way out of a looming crisis. St Helena Goverment says it intends to create new homes with the equipment used to build the camp by contractor Basil Read. […]

Now the sea is a no-go zone, as cliffs pose blast hazard

An exclusion zone has been imposed off the coast of St Helena because of fears about the stability of cliffs near the island’s airport site.  It was agreed after a survey said rock falls could be caused by explosions planned by construction company Basil Read. The no-go zone extends 500 metres out to sea from Gill Point to Bay […]

Airport vehicle plunges St Helena into darkness (statement added)

Power across most of St Helena was knocked out after an airport construction vehicle apparently brought down a power cable while being moved to Prosperous Bay Plain on Monday evening (3 September). A bright flash on Deadwood Plain was reported to be visible across the valley at Gordon’s Post. Power supplies were down across most of the […]

Night working starts as rocks obstruct airport road

Airport gangs will work into the night for the next few weeks to force a way through rocks that are blocking completion of St Helena’s new haul road. Heavy construction vehicles are stranded in Rupert’s Valley, unable to get through to the airport site, until contractor Basil Read has completed the last few hundred metres of the 14-kilometre […]

Touchdown on St Helena… hang on, who’s flying this plane?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent… into the sublime. A simulation of an aircraft landing at St Helena International airport has been posted on the YouTube video website. Watching it might be slightly unnerving, though, for anyone familiar with the personalities at construction firm Basil Read, which commissioned the video. And it may […]

Napoleon misses the plane as runway boost delays opening

The first paying passengers will not land at St Helena’s first airport before 2016 – but when it does open, it will be with a much longer runway. That will allow much larger airport to land in the future. And the extra runway length is being done at no extra cost by contractor Basil Read, though “a relatively small […]

After the nerves, praise all round for successful docking

A man in the bow of the ship gives directions as a vehicle rolls down the ramp

Islanders involved in the first ever docking of a ship at St Helena have been praised for making it go smoothly. A fault with a flow meter meant the discharge of fuel had to be halted overnight, meaning the NP Glory 4 was delayed in returning to Namibia to collect more materials for the island’s […]