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Stop taking baths, says Castle, as water shortage goes on

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Warnings of prosecutions for wasting water have been issued by St Helena Government as a severe drought continues in the most populated parts of the island.


Privately, government sources say some islanders do not appear to understand how serious the situation has become – or that individuals can make a difference by saving even small amounts of water.

A statement, issued on Thursday 23 May 2013, said:

Domestic water supplies on St Helena continue to be at very low levels and SHG and Connect Saint Helena Ltd appeal to all residents across the island to use water conservatively and to limit their consumption.

The current water shortage is centred on the Red Hill distribution area, which includes Half Tree Hollow, Cowpath, Ladder Hill, Red Hill, Sapper Way, New Ground, Clay Gut, Pounceys, Kunjie Field, Scotland, Plantation, Cleughs Plain, Rosemary Plain, Francis Plain, Crack Plain and Guinea Grass.

Therefore the hosepipe and sprinkler ban continues in the Red Hill distribution area and we remind residents in these areas that it is an offence to use hosepipes or sprinklers or otherwise waste water intended for domestic use until further notice.

It is vital that residents in the above areas show proper restraint in the use of water and limit this by, for example:

  • Not flushing the toilet on every occasion
  • Using washing up water on the garden or vegetable patch
  • Using the washing machine sparingly and only when full
  • Using the shower instead of taking a bath
  • Not using a dishwasher
  • Turning the tap off while brushing teeth

Efforts continue to try to source additional water in these areas and we will update residents as plans develop. In addition, leaks will be treated as a priority and any problems should be reported promptly to Connect Saint Helena Ltd.

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