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Stolen bikes and cash seized after import investigation

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One of the stolen bikes has been donated to Prince Andrew School by its legal owner in the UK

An investigation into stolen motorcycles being imported to St Helena has led to the seizure of a dozen machines. They are to be sold at auction.

Police also found a large sum of money on the island. The courts in Jamestown have ordered that the cash be forfeited.

Several other motorbikes were sold to people on the island who were unaware they were stolen.

Inspector Rod Paterson said: “None of these motorcycles have been detained and there will not be any further police action with regards to these vehicles that remain with the innocent purchaser.”

The investigation was carried out by police and the customs service. A court case is pending in the UK.

One of the stolen motorcycles – an off-road bike – has been donated to Prince Andrew School by its legal owner.

Dean Barnsley, a mechanics teacher from Wolverhampton, “very generously requested that his bike is donated to Prince Andrew School as a teaching aid,” said Inspector Paterson.

The remaining 11 motorcycles were due to be auctioned on Saturday 10 November 2012 in the customs warehouse, on a sold-as-seen basis.

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