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St Helena’s just not horrible enough for marathon runners

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A few days ago, this website pondered the reasons why the world’s most southerly marathon (Falkland Islands) was so much more popular than the world’s most remote marathon (St Helena).

Perhaps it’s political: one wouldn’t want to make too much of it, but the relay event in the 2012 Stanley Marathon was won by a team from Argentina. Warmly applauded, of course.

Or maybe it’s the wonderful climate, as described by Falklands journalist Juanita Brock:

Though the race began in bright sunshine and warm, near gale force breezes, the weather deteriorated and it ended with horizontal rain and the finish line blowing away.

Not everyone’s idea of a nice day out, perhaps, but marathon runners are masochists. That’s the whole point, surely?

Despite the lashing conditions, the first three runners finished in under three hours.

Sergeant Robert Harden won in 2:52:31, a full three minutes clear of the fastest services relay team.

Medals were presented by Falklands governor Nigel Haywood, who’d just run the full 26 miles himself. He finished 14th out of 58 runners in a very impressive 3:42:14.

We’re not told who presented his medal.


Governor crosses line in Falklands marathon: your turn, Mr Capes?

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