St Helena Online: out for war, back soon

The wartime journalist Cassandra resumed his Daily Mirror column when peace returned with the words, “As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted…”

It feels a bit like that with St Helena Online, though no one died.

The site has been put out of action by a battle against a grotesque, exploitative plan to build 80 houses in open countryside, just across a quiet lane from the house from which this website is produced.

I don’t expect people on an island 5,000 miles away to share my disgust for the profiteering developer, Charles Church, or the contempt with which it has treated this and other communities – especially people on an island with some severe housing needs. We have only a modest housing need here, and it’s being dealt with.

It has come about because an unscrupulous British Government made an immoral pact with the developers to wreck our planning system, giving our countryside rather less protection than St Helena’s green hills now enjoy.

I have had to abandon my work on this website to play my part in a campaign that has turned out to be rather brilliant, but which has left me exhausted. I’m just about recovering.

I hope, now, to be able to resume work on the site, though it will have to be a low-key project for a while. Mostly, I expect to keep an eye out for interesting things on the web relating to St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, and share them.

My apologies to those who have kept visiting the site in surprisingly large numbers, to find no new content. Thank you for sticking with it.




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