St Helena Online is back – with belated congratulations

This website has been inactive for a few days due to outside pressures (a small matter of 13,000 words of university work to be handed in, many of them relating to St Helena).

The absence has meant St Helena Online missed the chance to add its congratulations to the island’s national cricket team at the end of its first-ever overseas tournament. Barbara George posted the following on Facebook a few days back:

Our guys won the Fair Play & Commitment Award and 4 Man of the Match awards – 2 to Dax and one each to Greg and Scott. They are now back in Cape Town; 6 more days and they will be back on the RMS travelling home…what a party we are going to have for them.

The normal thing for returning sporting heroes is a celebratory ride on an open-top double-decker bus. So – how many people can squeeze into Mr Corker’s charabanc?


Maybe Basil Read will lend us their enormous (by St. Helena standards) lorry.

John Turner, St Helena
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