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St Helena Online congratulates a worthy adversary

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Simon Pipe writes: I’d like to congratulate the team behind the launch of the new SAMS Radio 1 on St Helena.

It has always been the stance of St Helena Online that there are legitimate questions to be asked about the manner in which the island’s new media organisation came into being. New questions emerge, and the ongoing conduct of the government deserves investigation.

This website will continue to challenge The Castle, including on the peculiar press release that appeared to announce that the organisation’s change of name was a milestone in public service. Very odd.

But as a former print and BBC journalist, now teaching media skills at two universities, I am well aware of the extremely daunting scale of the challenge that has faced Darrin Henry and his team, both technically and editorially.

The existence of this website cannot have made that challenge any easier. I have no doubt at all that it has been right to support truly independent media on the island, in competition with SAMS.

The Sentinel has produced some important journalism – not least when it demonstrated that some councillors did not have a clear idea of how government should work.

I believe there have been errors of editorial judgment, but I have a few of those to my own name. But none of that takes away from the achievement that The Sentinel and the new radio station represent.

Had they been my achievement, I would feel very, very proud.

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