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St Helena cricket heroes make the front page

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St Helena’s national cricket team has made the front page of the British national newspaper, The Daily Telegraph – nine days beating four African nations in its first-ever international tournament.

Writer David Millward names 57-year-old Gavin George as one of the star players, partly thanks to a game in which he and his son David each scored 48 runs against Gambia.

Millward’s story has some engaging touches, including training matches on board the RMS St Helena.

Shipping schedules had prevented the team accepting a previous tournament invitation, but this time it favoured the team’s ambitions.

“There was still the odd hurdle to be overcome before the Saints could make their international debut,” writes Millward.

“Participating in a ‘pyjama cricket’ tournament, the team discovered to its horror that it did not have green wicketkeeper pads.

“This was rectified with a swift and judicious application of a coat of green paint.”

Cricket: Saints end on a win, after missing final by three runs

Cricket fever sweeps St Helena – Daily Telegraph

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